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The Future of Corporate Training - Interactive Videos

Site Online Learning | August 25, 2018

How many times in the last year have you searched for “how-to” videos on the internet? Be it the steps to assemble a gadget, make an effective presentation, or fitness tips, we generally turn to videos.

The current generation is surrounded by mobiles, internet, and video, and we learn early on, that videos are the ideal solution for anything. Video learning is incredibly popular with YouTube alone reaching more adults (18-34) than any cable network.

Videos make learning effective, fun, responsive, and fruitful. They can take on many forms, from short bite-sized content to interactive videos, scenarios, simulations, screencasts, and animated videos.

Understanding the importance of eliminating staticity of video learning, Google introduced “interactivity in videos” or interactive videos via YouTube’s Question Editor. This opened a much-anticipated door for creators to develop engaging and meaningful learning content for users.

Why is Video Learning the future of Corporate Training?

Increases employees’ understanding of the topic

Videos are a great way to watch and understand a scenario - If you’re creating systems training, a video is an efficient way to illustrate the steps learners need to take to complete various tasks in the system. If you’re trying to demonstrate effective and ineffective communication styles, sharing examples via video might be an efficient way to illustrate your point. Make sure you keep the objectives in mind at all times when you’re considering adding videos to your eLearning content.

Video based learning caters to visual learners

We all have different learning styles

Visual learners understand content through videos, pictures, infographics and diagrams. By observing what is being shown, the learner gains a worth of knowledge and absorbs skills easily. Also, one of the key features of video is the use of auditory and visual cues. Visual symbols provide primary source of information and the audio symbols are utilised to elaborate information.

Reduces training cost and time

In today’s world, you can record, produce and publish videos with ease thanks to the plethora of tech-tools available. You can create videos with engaging content featuring industry professionals according to your learning objectives.

Also, you can easily distribute videos on different platforms making it easier for learners to access their desired content anywhere, any time. This also saves substantial amount of time for the organisation as well as the end user.

Given that videos score 3.5 out of 4 on major identified learning styles (David Kolb and Roger Fry method) no wonder integrating videos to eLearning is successful with growing popularity.

Interactive Video can be the ideal solution to your training needs. Talk to us on 1300 800 288 or email


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