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Busted: Myths about Learning Management Systems

Site Online Learning | March 5, 2018

eLearning is no longer a buzz word but a necessity for business growth and sustainability.

While most companies have embraced the concept and LMSs, there are deep-seated eLearning myths that linger in today’s market.

Below are 3 of the biggest myths about eLearning and why they are not true.

Myth: eLearning is not as effective as classroom learning.

Perhaps one of the biggest myths in the market today. First, let’s look at some challenges with instructor-led training:

  • High cost of implementation, both in terms of time and money
  • Inconsistent messaging and teaching styles of instructors
  • Time away from work and interruption to employee’s daily tasks

eLearning, on the other hand, offers both opportunities and different challenges for your training program.

Since it’s delivered online, eLearning solutions can include videos, tests, activities, and even VR/AR in the training.

The advantages of eLearning include:

  • Saving companies money, in terms of infrastructure, travel costs, and employee time away from work
  • Taking less time away from an employee’s work day, as eLearning takes up to 40-60% less time than classroom instruction
  • Allowing employees more flexibility to access training when and where they have the time to do so
  • Being particularly suited for employees who are remote, traveling, or have high turnover rates
  • Creating personalised custom eLearning solutions that can be tailored to better match the specific learner
  • Allowing employees to pause training, reread information, or test information they already know
  • Increasing employee retention of information, for specific subjects  

Myth: Gamification and rich content can distract learners from course essentials.

First things first, what does gamification mean?

Gamification is basically an online game developed with a reward or points system to motivate and engage learners. Growth Engineering highlighted levels, points, progress bars and rewards are a sample of what games can incorporate to encourage and motivate learners.

Gaming is one of the best types of learning, because it takes adults back to play and learning which we all did as children and the retention rate is higher.

Gamified learning:

  • Boosts motivation
  • Builds engagement
  • Increases retention
  • Enables you to provide performance feedback and
  • Enhances productivity

Myth: Custom Learning Management Systems (LMS) are complicated.

Your organisation’s requirements and workflows for the delivery of online learning are quite bespoke and very few LMSs can meet everything you need out-of-the-box.

Choosing an LMS that’s easy to customise is the best solution. 

The great news is, it is possible to fully customise the learning content with the right provider, and is not difficult.  A customisable platform lets you create more flexible solutions allowing you to be brand-conscious and creative.

Having said that, there are lots of LMSs that don’t have a wide range of customisation options. You don’t need to think about anything because there’s nothing for you to change. But think of the opportunities wasted, the conversations that’ll never happen and worst of all, the possibility that your training initiative won’t generate any real results!


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