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Why Invest in Induction Training?

Site Online Learning | September 18, 2017

Induction training is critical to not only provide adequate training for new employees, but also for people to connect with the organisation and co-workers. It is an exciting experience to start a new role and to pursue a fresh opportunity, however there is an element of anxiety and stress for new starters. Taking the time to settle new employees into the role and company enables them to understand the importance of their role, the team and company expectations, the work culture and future opportunities. This process equips new employees with a sense of confidence, sets the tone and drives employee engagement.

Hear what employees have to say. We took a sample group and asked what value an Induction Program brings.

“A thorough induction would immensely help me perceive the importance of my role, what my new company expects of me, and most importantly, the kind of company and people I’ll be working with.” Lisa.

“It would be great! Finding out about the company, my role and the culture would be three key points that are important to me during that induction process. Makes me feel confident about the role I’m in and the skill set I can bring to the table.” John.

“…[it is] important to understand what managers require from you on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis – KPIs, tasks.” Jess.

“I will be glad and thankful because that kind of company give opportunities to be part of the team.” Maverick.

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