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Make The Move To Online Learning

The digital landscape is quickly changing with an uptake of mobile and smart devices. This means it is critical for organisations to develop solutions that are optimised, relevant and accessible for online learners.

Develop One Touch Point For Your Learners And Trainers

Introducing a portal where all key stakeholders can manage their learning information and processes. Let your clients easily administer their learning information in real-time.

Stakeholders can access:

  • Enrolments
  • The completion status of their students
  • Information relevant to their role
  • Training on any device: Apple iPads, iPhones, Samsung Galaxy Phones and Tablets

Manage Learner Progress Easily

Site Online Learning's Audit Marking Program (AMP), pulls together the requirements to grade individuals and removes the unnecessary waste of physical resources such as paper and grading equipment. Trainers can track the progress of each student in real-time.

Site Online Learning Audit Marking Program course list

Audit Marking Program Course List

Site Online Learning Audit Marking Program enrolled students

Audit Marking Program Enrolled Students

Site Online Learning Audit Marking Program competency task report

Audit Marking Program Competency Task Report

Site Online Learning Audit Marking Program student assessment

Audit Marking Program Student Assessment

Competency Development Management System (CDMS)

Log into a single system and see a snapshot of your teams training progress, their KPI’s, performance records, and how their performance aligns to your company goals and pillars.

The Competency Development and Management System (CDMS) was developed by our team of experts. You can access:

  • Performance records of each employee
  • Real-time information
  • Customisable input metrics
  • Performance reports

Employees can also log into their account to view their progress and key metrics and information. Data can then be used to see talent development and identify how to build skills and expertise plus integrate with team and business objectives.

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Why Site Online Learning?

  • Globally recognised and award-winning projects delivered to leading organisations.
  • Trusted learning & development advisor to numerous global organisations.
  • Full-service capabilities – design, development, production and advanced LMS available. 
  • Industry leaders in integrating and leveraging the latest technology to deliver more effective courses.
  • Highly experienced learner-centric instructional design team.
  • Excellent global customer service and support for clients.

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