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Corporate Learning in the Digital-age

Site Online Learning | July 16, 2018

The average individual consumes around 34 gigabytes of content and 100,000 words of information in a single day – that’s a mind-boggling amount. The world is changing and in order to get the most from learning technologies, organisations need to renounce some control in order to truly feel the benefits of corporate learning.

People observe and absorb content at rapid levels which, in turn, makes learning democratised and widely available.

For context, as Julian Stodd from Seasalt learning once said, learning technology isn’t all about technology. Sure, it's superficially about devices, systems and licenses, but really it's about engagement, community and sociology. In a nutshell, it's about your employees’ mindset and how they learn.

An effective learning solution recognises that people learn at different rates and with different styles. We are not all built the same. This is particularly relevant when you are in the planning stage of developing online learning solutions.

For corporate learning to be used in its full potential, organisations need to think about learning in terms of building relationships – it can be between organisation and employees or employee and subject matter. Simultaneously, organisations need to focus on bridging soft skill gaps in this digitally driven talent pool.

Customised learning for employee success

If you do not want to limit your learner’s experience, expectations and engagement, you may want to consider customising how your learning is designed. Training is not one-size-fits-all. The type of training that fits your organisation’s needs depends on your business model and employees.

If you’re training employees in a retail setting and they already have a basic understanding of the product, they may not need as much hands-on training as those with no experience. Explore all options, from automated, self-taught modular training, which uses an online platform to walk employees through the training process, to live video training or on-site training.

Engage learners with Scenario-based training

Scenario-based eLearning combines the relevance of stories with the realism of hands-on training in a virtual environment. A number of surveys and studies in the past two decades have shown that Scenario-Based Training leads to increased motivation and confidence amongst trainees.

However, Scenario-Based Training is most effective when used in cases based on actual, rather than hypothetical scenarios. These learning experiences become more valuable for the learners as they not only get to experience the situation first-hand but area actually required to solve them and develop the needed skills in the process.

For organisations riding the digital wave, developing a people-centric learning environment supported by innovative, flexible, on-demand learning platforms will be instrumental in building a positive learning culture.

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