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Using eLearning Templates for Better Results

Site Online Learning | August 6, 2018

If you ever had to deploy eLearning material within short timelines, you know the need for instant, fast-paced sources that require least development and investment. Often these tasks can be a challenge due to the nature of the project, urgency and client requirements. In addition, developers must deliver quality products while retaining the engagement factor of the eLearning material.

As the eLearning community has grown to embrace mobile technology and learning-on-the-go, the terms “mobile learning” and “microlearning” have quickly exceeded buzzword status and are becoming essential elements of effective eLearning strategies.

Is there an efficient solution to address these challenges?

Yes, eLearning templates.

eLearning templates are blueprints for developing effective eLearning courses. They are resources for eLearning developers when urgent projects are requested. These templates are available at a cost or there are numerous free templates available on the web. Companies with years of eLearning development experience behind them would have developed their own templates based on the projects they have worked on over the years.

Apart saving development time, which is a significant advantage, templates remove the need to start the course design process from scratch. They provide consistency, even if multiple people are working on the project. They provide flexibility to learning developers to think beyond presenting content and visuals, which are taken care of in the templates. This lets them focus on aspects such as interactivities or assessments to enhance the course.

User-friendly designs

Users of eLearning courses are looking for engaging, bite-sized content that can be absorbed anytime, anywhere. Therefore, eLearning courses must be attention-grabbing, easy-to-use and accessible.  Modern companies are moving away from dated, text-based training material to multi-media rich, customised learning experiences. Choose templates that gives you creative freedom without compromising user experience.

Branding capacity within the template

eLearning templates are a great solution when in need, but many templates come with restricted access. Can you change the layout to match brand guidelines of your organisation?  How can you customise courses to match department specific needs? Ensure that your eLearning template of choice leaves room for branding so that you can accurately portray your organisation's image. This also gives employees a sense of ownership and builds the credibility of your brand.

Tried and Tested

eLearning templates help reduce or minimise the need for rigorous checks as they have already been tested by quality assurance teams. This results in templates that are pre-tested intensively for their functionality, resulting in a bug-free output. This eliminates or reduces the need to re-test your developed output.

You should be able to repurpose eLearning templates for future eLearning projects to maximise the investment. For example, choose an eLearning template that allows you to switch out the graphics, color scheme, and borders. That way you can revamp the overall look and feel without having to purchase additional eLearning templates

There is a variety of free eLearning templates to choose from. But free isn't always better. If free templates don’t meet your requirements, you may need to make room in your eLearning budget for paid options.

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