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Custom eLearning Courses or Pre-Built Courses for Corporate Training?

Site Online Learning | June 4, 2018

Though pre-built eLearning courses are more accessible and affordable compared to custom course development, many corporates - both small and big - are opting for custom eLearning development. This is because they don't want to restrict their Learning and Development expectations and learner engagement to pre-built, off the shelf eLearning courses.

Top 5 Benefits of Custom eLearning Courses

In order to determine if it is the best solution for you, We’ve put together 5 business benefits of custom course development.

  1. Company Alignment

Custom eLearning provides an opportunity to strengthen your corporate image and values for employees, while ensuring set business objectives can be met. Every aspect of your employees’ learning experience is capable of being an accurate representation of your organisation's culture and style, including:

- Visual Design:  using corporate branding and imagery (logo, colours and fonts) to be easily recognisable as an organisation asset

- Tone: Using a writing style that reflect your corporate values

- Content: presenting relevant information vital to increasing business performance and meeting objectives

- Assessment: providing tailored assessment and feedback to ensure employees get constructive learning.

By using information that is important to your organisation as a unique entity, you can pinpoint business and learning challenges in combination with training industry best-practice approaches to achieve objectives and increase business performance.

  1. Relatable eLearning Content

As noted above, with custom course development you have the ability to create eLearning content that speaks directly to your actual audience and use immersive scenarios based on real situations specific to your industry or workplace. In doing so, learners can better relate to the content and likely be more motivated to learn due to immediately being able to see how the learning experience will benefit them. You also enable a safe space for learning by error, as learners can see how their actions and choices will directly impact a real-world outcome while educators can provide meaningful feedback during the learning simulation.

Successfully designed, learner-centered courses involve determining the learning methods of your employees and employing the devices (mobile, tablet, desktop) and mediums (images, video, online chat, etc) they prefer. Today’s modern learner often wants content that is built to be short, visual, mobile, enabled, and social. eLearning though customised courses allows you to control all of these aspects and make changes over time to reflect your evolving learner group.

  1. Custom Assessment

Targeted and specific assessment, just like the course content, helps learners get a cohesive eLearning experience, better retain fundamental learning messages, and adopt business-level methodology easily. For instance, if you use a multi-branching scenario, the alternative approaches the user can take should be actions or behaviours that adhere to your organisation’s values, rather than generic, potentially irrelevant options.

Feedback tools help you provide constructive criticism for the learner to improve. In the multi-branching scenario, if the learner takes a wrong path, feedback that states where and why they went wrong and what they should have done would be beneficial. In this way, having assessment and feedback tools tailored to your business allow you to determine the success of the eLearning course in delivering the core ideas, skills, or information, and if any areas may need to be improved.

  1. Efficient Updating

Skilled instructional designers and developers can design and organise your training product to allow quick, easy, and inexpensive maintenance and editing. Due to the fact that you have helped developed the content and structure yourself, you already have an in depth understanding of how the management system works and how to make the proper changes. Maintenance and updates like new policies or content amendments can be done quickly and easily at any point in time, without needing to wait for new releases of purchased products like you would need to for pre-built courses. Custom eLearning should also be designed with maintenance and expansion in mind so you can easily and inexpensively refresh, add, or remove content.

  1. Reduced Costs

While prebuilt is often cheaper at the offset, a custom eLearning course can actually prove to be a better long-term investment. Typically, the only costs involved are the initial development fees, which may seem sizeable. However, the company will not need to devote budget to ongoing license or royalty costs as you will own all content you utilise. In fact, you would only see periodic maintenance fees if you decided to use a third party. If utilised properly, the custom eLearning course can help reduce employee turnover and recruitment costs by delivering an engaging, motivating, and supportive corporate induction experience.

When it comes to training your employees in company-specific new initiatives, processes, procedures, and systems, consider custom eLearning to present your message effectively.

Talk to us about your learning and training goals. We can develop a solution on budget, on time that equips your workforce to deliver exceptional results.

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Webtartalom-megjelenítő Webtartalom-megjelenítő

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