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Safety at work: Who's head is on the chopping block when things go wrong?

Site Online Learning | March 26, 2018

Understanding and navigating through OHS/WHS Laws can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

A company director and, in some cases, a senior manager could be held liable for workplace incidents.

Furthermore, there are several state regulations that could attribute fault when a workplace accident occurs.

Ask yourself the following:

  • Does your organisation have a genuine interest to make the workplace safe?
  • Are you vigilant to avoid exposing employees to risks of death, serious injury or illness?
  • Can you say you have never failed to comply with your health and safety obligations to your employees?
  • Do you know what workplace compliance means in real life day-to-day terms?
  • Are you aware of the penalties (up to $500,000+ and/or five years in jail), for ‘reckless’ conduct regarding your duty to your employees? How do you put a value on reduced productivity and brand damage?
  • Can you be sure that all relevant health and safety issues are being competently handled in your organisation?
  • Do you have effective workplace health and safety policies and procedures that are implemented in your workplace, and that are monitored and followed up?
  • Are you aware of your state’s specific regulations as they apply to you?
  • Do you have on your side informed experts who can advise on current and correct work health and safety regulations and codes of practice?

It is an absolute must you take the time to consider the ramifications of non-compliance, know of any weaknesses in your organisation, and to make necessary changes without delay.

In doing this, you are not only saving lives but reducing legal and financial risk to both yourself and the organisation.


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