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5 Benefits of Micro-Learning in Corporate Training

Site Online Learning | July 23, 2018

What is a Micro-moment?

Any time you turn to an Internet-enabled device to find something, learn something, watch something or purchase something—you are experiencing a micro-moment.

A micro-moment is an intent-driven action powered by an Internet-enabled device.

Let’s examine some key benefits of Micro-Learning:

1. Supports Just-in-Time learning (JIT)

When long-duration courses are divided as short nuggets, they become easier to digest allowing learners to retain knowledge for longer. Enterprises prefer delivering micro-content to make it convenient for modern learners to access training modules of their choice and at their own pace.

2. Ideal for learners with short attention spans

The increased use of technology and ensuing distractions have dwindled the attention span of the current workforce. Micro-learning provides a perfect solution for such learners with short content bursts in several formats – short videos, quizzes, interactive activities etc.

3. Available on any device and flexible

Since learning content is broken into small nuggets, learners have the freedom and flexibility to access the courses on-the-go. A leaner can start the course on his laptop and then continue on his mobile device during his commute or at home. 

4. Easy to design and develop

Short durations of Micro-learning modules are easy to plan, design, develop and execute. This means fast turnaround times and reduced development costs for the organisation. The modular structure also makes it easy to repurpose content when needed.

5. High impact and better ROI

Engage learners with Scenario-based training

Micro-learning is designed to meet specific outcomes. This has a positive impact on the learner’s ability to apply acquired knowledge to actual work scenarios. Efficiency of the learning modules lead to an increase in ROI on training budgets.

Are you currently offering your staff an on-demand content library of just-in-time, bite-size, learning content so employees can go to in these micro-moments and receive instant knowledge gratification?


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