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Scenario Based Training – A Better Way to Engage Learners

Site Online Learning | January 23, 2018

What is Scenario-Based Training/ Learning? 

Do you remember how you first learned to drive? You didn’t learn solely by reading the car manual. Most tasks in life require a real-life application that is learned best through hands-on training.

Scenario-based eLearning combines the relevance of stories with the realism of hands-on training in a virtual environment. A number of surveys and studies in the past two decades have shown that Scenario-Based Training leads to increased motivation and confidence amongst trainees.

In Scenario-Based Training:

1.    The learner assumes the role of an actor responding to a job realistic situation.

2.    The learning environment is preplanned.

3.    Learning is inductive rather than instructive.

4.    The instruction is guided.

5.    Scenario lessons incorporate instructional resources.

6.    The goal is to accelerate workplace expertise

However, Scenario-Based Training is most effective when used in cases based on actual, rather than hypothetical scenarios. These learning experiences become more valuable for the learners as they not only get to experience the situation first-hand but area actually required to solve them and develop the needed skills in the process.

Scenario-Based Training encourages employees to interact and emotionally connect with the subject matter. In order to take this approach, the training should include stories, videos and gamification to give your employees a truly memorable experience. 

Building scenario-based training into learning programs benefits a wide range of topics, including, for example:

•    Customer service

•    Negotiating

•    Business to business marketing and sales

•    Consumer credit management

•    Leadership

•    Coaching

Lastly, scenario-based training is more fun; people learn more when they are having fun, and it teaches people to learn from their mistakes, which can be no bad thing in its own right.


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