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Our Custom Course Design Expertise

New to eLearning?

That’s not a problem. Join us for a discovery workshop. Its your chance to sit down and discuss your goals with our course strategists, developers and analysts. Together we can develop the right strategy and plan of action to ensure that your eLearning program is as effective as it can be.

Our discovery workshop will also give you great insights into what leading organisations around the world are doing within the eLearning space.

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Custom Course Design and Development

Want to be an industry leader? Create bespoke courses using the latest eLearning technology to ensure that your team get the maximum benefits. Augmented reality, virtual learning spaces and gamified courses are just some of what is possible.

Your business is unique. Why use a generic off-the-shelf course? A custom course is specifically created with your business and its challenges in mind. 

Blended Learning Solutions

Our course creators understand the value of some good old-fashioned face to face training experiences. Our custom courses can incorporate both eLearning and traditional learning methods to ensure the learner gets the maximum benefit. The effectiveness of the course is always our top priority.


Behavioural Training Solutions

Require practical training courses without the overhead costs? This is the solution for you. Our behavioural training solutions utilise simulations and scenario-based environments to train your team to think and react rationally rather than emotionally to ensure a positive outcome. There is no better way of developing critical thinking abilities amongst your troops.

Rapid eLearning Design

Need a course developed within the next couple weeks? We’ve got you covered. Our team will work fast and hard to have your course ready on time. With no compromise in quality or course effectiveness, know that your time and money are both well spent.

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Why Site Online Learning?

  • Globally recognised and award-winning projects delivered to leading organisations.
  • Trusted learning & development advisor to numerous global organisations.
  • Full-service capabilities – design, development, production and advanced LMS available. 
  • Industry leaders in integrating and leveraging the latest technology to deliver more effective courses.
  • Highly experienced learner-centric instructional design team.
  • Excellent global customer service and support for clients.

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